Preparing children for School

Starting school is a big step for both the child and their family. Our Nursery has strong links with independent schools and local primary schools in our catchment area so we will work, in partnership with you and different schools, to fully prepare your child for the new challenge. We are on hand to help parents make the right decision for their child or provide support where needed.

At the end of your child’s time in pre-school their key worker will complete a profile providing parents, practitioners and future teachers with a well-rounded picture of your child.

At St. Nicholas Nursery, our comprehensive approach to preparing children for school goes beyond traditional early childhood education. We employ specific activities and curriculum focuses designed to meet the criteria for a smooth transition to Reception. Our tailored approach includes engaging methods such as sound wheels to enhance phonetic awareness, fostering independent reading skills, and encouraging independent writing. The curriculum also incorporates challenging Maths activities, including STEM activities, to promote critical thinking and problem-solving. These targeted initiatives ensure that children not only meet but exceed Reception criteria, instilling a solid academic foundation while nurturing their curiosity and confidence.

Inspired Learning Group

As part of the Inspired Learning Group our nurseries have strong connections and share best practice amongst the group on how to prepare pre-schoolers for their next step. We are lucky in the Wembley area to have two ILG prep schools on our doorstep. Our Nursery Manger, Anjana Shah, will happily provide an introduction and details.