Monitoring development 

In order to ensure child in the nursery is given the appropriate level of attention and care, a key person is appointed for each child. A key person is a named member of staff assigned to an individual child to support their development and act as the key point of the contact with child’s parents or carers. The key person has special responsibilities for working with a small number of children and helps build and develop positive relationships with children between parents, carers and staff.

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The role of the Key Person in development

The key person will help to ensure their key children feel safe, secure and confident, if they are to develop to their full potential. Their parents/carers need a trusted person who they can talk to about their child’s individual needs.

Responsibilities of the key person include: 

  • When a child settles into a new room, the assigned key person will perform a baseline assessment of that child, which will be shared with parents and carers.
  • To complete a ‘2 Year Old Check’ in the term the child turns 2. Arrange a meeting with the parent to discuss the child’s progress and/or any developmental concerns the check brings to the key person notice. Discuss any development concerns with parents and contact appropriate professionals with parents consent.
  • To ensure that parents/carers are kept informed of the child’s day to day experiences.
SEND at St. Nicholas Nursery

We have a strong belief in the value of inclusion. We consider that all children, including those with SEND have a unique contribution to make. We plan carefully to differentiate provision to ensure that all children can access a full range of rich educational experiences. We believe that the child’s family should be fully involved in the process of planning for and supporting their child with SEND and that our role is to ensure families have full access to information regarding their rights and entitlement.

We cater for all forms of Special Educational Need, as long as we can offer provision that is suitable for a child’s ability, aptitude or SEND.

Our SENCO is Anjana Shah (Nursery Manager)

Making the transition to school

At St. Nicholas Nursery, our commitment extends beyond early childhood education; we prepare children for a seamless transition to Reception.

Our tailored curriculum focuses on building essential cognitive, social, and emotional skills, laying a strong foundation for academic success. Through a blend of structured learning and play-based activities, we nurture a love for learning, encourage independence, and foster effective communication. Our skilled practitioners work closely with each child, providing personalised attention to ensure they are well-prepared for the academic challenges and social dynamics of the next educational milestone. We prioritise a positive and supportive environment that instils confidence, curiosity, and a lifelong enthusiasm for education in every child at St. Nicholas Nursery.

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