First Visit

If you would like to come and look around our nursery we would more than happy to show you what we have to offer. If you would be interested in having a look around please make an appointment with our Manager. Safeguarding is of paramount importance so you will be asked to bring some identification with you and we will ask that you don’t use mobile phones around the children.

During the visit we encourage you to have a good look around the nursery and ask any questions you may have. We understand that this is a big decision and we want you to feel completely comfortable with the nursery you decide to choose. While you are at the nursery we would also be more than happy to check our availability and we will give you all the forms you need in order to register your child with us.

The Environment

We are very lucky within our Nursery to have a spacious indoor area within which the children can learn and play. The newly painted rooms are divided into separate sub areas full of rich resources and activities for each age group, such as a reading corner, home corner, messy play area. The Nursery is set up to allow children freedom to choose resources based on their individual interests and is warm and welcoming.

Outdoor Space

At St.Nicholas nursery we believe in the importance of outdoor play and encourage the children to be outside daily in our secure garden area. We are have recently refurbished the garden area and children enjoy spending time in the sandpit, Mud kitchen, climbing frame along with all 7 areas of EYFS learnings and allotment area for vegetable and fruits.