Anya and Nikhil adore this Nursery as do I. The staff are all lovely and I know my kids are in great hands. I’ve been asked by my daughter if she can come every day.

Anya and Nikhil mum

Lucy is shining at the Nursery and loves coming here. We are delighted with her progress. Thank you for looking after her so well.

Hannah Peat

Teachers and staff are all caring and go extra miles to help and nurture the children .I constantly recommend this Nursery to other parents.

Ibi – Reem’s mum

Isabella and Lucas love to come to this Nursery. We are very happy with that. Thank you.

Isabella & Lucas’s dad

We are very happy with St Nicholas Nursery. The staff are so nice and we can notice Ismael’s improvement. Thank you for all.

Ismael’s mum

I made a good decision to bring Ivan to St Nicholas Nursery. All the staff are very well trained and sociable. My son settled in on the first day because it was a lovely and a very homey environment for him. Will definitely recommend this Nursery to any parent that wants the best for their child development. My son is having an amazing time with all the staff. Thanks for accepting Ivan

Ivan’s mum

Eva is doing very well at the Nursery ,a very confident and happy pre-schooler. She is learning very well and fast. I have nothing to complain about, she is developing excellently well with Mrs Fazila, she is doing the same excellent job as she did with Noah few year back. Many thanks for the good job.


Daniel is enjoying Nursery and is learning so much. Thank you so much for all your hard work with my busy little boy.

Lisa - Daniel’s mum

The Nursery was a precious finding. It is provided a beautiful loving care with my daughter that is always happy and looking forward to the next day in the Nursery. The distribution of different activities during the week merges learning with fun in a very special way. Everyday I can see my daughter’s growth and learning.

Monique’s mum

Both my children have attended the Nursery since they were 1 year old. We have highly appreciated the care and teachers provided for both boys. The Nursery is well equipped, clean and tidy .Teachers are loving and caring and always helpful. Our boy have learned so much! Highly recommended!

Niam & Kaison’s mum

My son has now been attending St Nicholas for 2 years now and my experience as a parent has been outstanding. All the staff are helpful and caring and my son has not only developed emotionally but his speaking and learning has exceeded my expectations. Everyday I always get a full report on Logan’s day at Nursery and any required updates. I am a first time parent and I was unaware of how nurseries work, but I can honestly say I would recommend St Nicholas to friends and family, not only for personal touch but the confidence I have in the staff and support given to me and Logan throughout. Thank you

Nikki-Logan’s mum

I am extremely impressed by the learning activities the children have been given. My daughter has developed a lot and I feel she is more advanced than other children in her age.

Noura’s mum

The teachers at St Nicholas Nursery have been really amazing with both my children. My experience as a parent with teachers has been outstanding. All the staff are very caring and have really helped developed and grow the children. I would recommend the Nursery to parents looking for a great, friendly and caring Nursery. Thank you!

Puneeta- Jayden& Siena’s mum

Tian has been attending this Nursery since he turned 1.He is very happy and confident and it is reassuring as a parent that he enjoys attending the Nursery daily. The staff continue to smile, support and be helpful in all aspects of my son’s care and development, and I am certain other parents feel the same too.

Tian’s mum

Teacher is always keeping their best for my boy and other children. I am very happy with their attitude and work all day. My boy is also happy with all teachers, and he is always looking forward to going to his Nursery  every morning,even in holidays

Toma’s mum