Overall Summary

  • The settings meets need of the children ,including those with particular needs.The provision of the stimulating learning environment together with secure understanding of the expected developmental milestones of young children ensures that they all make good progress relative to their starting points
  • The collaborative team are committed to ensuring the children are happy and enjoy their learning.Babies feel safe safe and secure  and the effective focus on their personal,social and emotional development is a strength of the settings.
  • The evaluative  approach to practice is successful in creating a culture of continues improvement.

Personal development, behaviour and welfare are good

  • Adults are good role models,encouraging the children to listen to one another,share toys and express their needs. A positive,happy environment is reflected in children who are smiling ,attentive and interested in all that is going on around them .A very young child in the baby room on finding a pair of shoes took great delight in trying to put them on the feet of another child who was sleeping.
  • Arrangement for transitions withing the settings are very well managed and parents are informed that transitions activities are going to take place.Several weeks before their second birthday children are introduced to their new key worker in the toddler room.When their are judged to be sufficiently confident a transition document is signed to show that the child is socially and emotionally prepared to make the move.
  • Practices throughout  the Nursery contribute to the development of healthy lifestyles.There is good focus of the importance of a good eating habits.Each child have their own water cup,to which they point when thirsty.They enjoy healthy snacks of fruit and bread sticks and feed themselves independently.A diary giving details of the food and drink the child has consumed goes  home to parents and carriers each day.

Outcomes for children are good

  • By the end of EYFS ,children have  made at least expected progress in their learning and development and some exceed it. Assessment’s  carried out shortly after children entry to the setting identify appropriate starting points to each child and their progress is reviewed at regular intervals .
  • Children under two make good progress in their personal ,social and emotional development.They display high level of independence and positive approach to learning.Occasions such as snack times,meal times and when listening to music and songs reflect children’s rapidly developing social skills and their enjoyment of learning.
  • The focus of the development of secure relationships and the provision of a stimulating learning environment are effecting in ensuring that the children are motivated and curious about the world around them and there for well prepared for the next stage in their education.